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The Park Edge Group at McDonald Partners has been providing retirement plan consulting services for corporate and multi-employer plans for over 20 years. Over the past 2 decades the industry has demanded a higher level of service and more accountability. Today’s heightened fiduciary standards have had a big impact on how plan sponsors and professionals deliver their services. 

The Department of Labor requires plan sponsors to ensure that employees or members of its organization are being treated with the highest level of care. With traditional pension plans shrinking in numbers, social security benefits becoming a smaller portion of retirement income and people living longer, retirement plans are fast becoming the most important source of income asset for American retirees.

The Park Edge Group has always held itself to the highest standard of care and will act in a fiduciary capacity. The role of a fiduciary is merely one aspect of providing comprehensive services. Equally as important, is providing American workers with services that reach beyond fiduciary standards. Since our existence, we work with plan sponsors to improve the retirement plan experience for all employees or members. We provide custom age-based models that fit the investment goals and objectives of your workers, thorough employee or member education programs and individual employee or members’ financial plans. The goal is to help workers understand the significance of saving and providing a nest egg so they may enjoy a better retirement. 

More recently the Park Edge Group has been working with companies to educate and design “side car” or “carve out plans” for employers and highly compensated employees. These unique and under- utilized plans require a knowledge base that far exceeds traditional retirement plan consulting and often complements your existing 401k and profit sharing plan. We have helped organizations implement both ERISA and non-ERISA plans that can provide large tax incentives for employers and highly compensated employees. In addition to the significant tax savings, employers have a great tool to retain star performers.

The Park Edge Group built its roots in retirement plan services and is armed with a team that is experienced and highly skilled. The independent nature of our firm creates a culture of collaboration that often leads to unique ideas for our clients. Your organizations' retirement plan can be the most important benefit in helping your employees achieve retirement success. Allow us to help you provide a benefit that can help achieve this goal, and put your future first.


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